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    Xi'an Greenland Center

    Project Details

    Total land area: 17,029 ㎡   Gross building area: 171,873 ㎡

    In 2016, in the ancient capital Xi'an, a super high-rise will become the new peak of this charming city. Twin Towers of Xi'an Greenland Center are all designed by Urban Architecture. The two buildings look majestic, with asymmetric layout forming the city gate. The two towers rise from simple and square planes and reach  far to the top crown with an oblique angle, which yields a unified effect and shows the beauty of statuary. The simple shape can well match the glass curtain wall carved meticulously by architects. The whole design will  show the crystal purity and resplendence of a diamond and bring people a surprise.

    The project lies in the commercial center of Xi'an High-new Technology Zone, adjacent to the large shopping mall Zhengda Plaza and the Central Greenland Park which is about to be built in the high-new technology zone; it also connects with the fashionable catering block— Taojie; it will become the center in the new developed area in the future with infinite market potentiality. Building a of Greenland Center is one part of the Twin Towers of Greenland Center and bears the expectations of Greenland Group Northwest Real Estate Company to premium commercial complexes. The project includes a 4-storey premium commercial building (about 22,000 ㎡), a 57-storey premium grade A office building (about 105,000 ㎡) and a detached catering building (about 4000 ㎡), which can provide local users as many as high quality services.  

    The Twin Towers of Xi'an Greenland Center will break the inherent visual perception of this ancient city with their simple shape, 270-meter height, and fantastic appearance.  

    Design of Building A of Xi'an Greenland Center is finished by excellent design teams in China: The whole building program is taken charge of by Urban Architecture, and China Northwest Architecture Design and Research Institute is responsible for the preliminary expansion of the building program and the working drawing design; Jiang Huancheng Design Office and Tongji University are specially invited to take charge of its structural design; Switzerland Schmidlin Curtain Wall Consulting Company is responsible for the consulting and design of curtain wall; the business management team is formed by Jones Lang LaSalle, one of the world four largest business management companies.  

    The project is a mark, symbolizing the overwhelming progress of Urban Architecture in the field of super high-rises.

    The project is more than a mark. It is more of a new city center for office work, commerce, living and recreation like a city of sky.

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